The Passionero Project


The Passionero project starts with the harvest that is very decisive in order to define product’s organoleptic properties. In the “Uva di Troia”, a slight overmaturation leads to sugar concentration – today less important than it was in the past – but overall it facilitates the decrease of malic acid and rounds off, improves and sweetens positively polyphenolic complement, by making wine more balanced and rich immediately.

The quality wine results in the first place from the vinegrower’s smart action and then from that one of oenologist.


By adopting a growing system that is aimed to qualitative production, special prunings, low yields, adequate irrigations and fertilizations, the result will be absolutely positive for grape extractive heritage.

The step of productive process


For our great red wines, winemaking process starts through maceration in concrete tanks at the temperature until 28/30 °C; once fermentation has benn completed, marc finishes up and malolactic fermentation takes action and represents the first step of ripeness for very fine red wines and gives smoothness to the wine.


After pouring off and a slight sulphiting, wine is to put in wood in order to complete its evolution cycle.


For Passionero great wines, the improvement in glass for at least 12 months is essential refuge, where wine completes itself since oxygen does not act and there are adequate temperatures, silence and penumbra.