Malaché Malvasia IGP Puglia

Malaché Malvasia IGP Puglia

The Malaché is obtained by winemaking Malvasia grapes exposed and cultivated perfectly in the ideal microclimate of Barletta. After an attentive hand harvest and a soft pressing, those grapes become wine at low temperatures and the must is sent for the ageing in steel tanks.
Organoleptic description:
Straw yellow color. The sent is complex, floral. The taste is fresh, fine and with good persistence.
Seasonal matching:
For its perfect balance it is suitable with white meat, dairy products, seafood salads, grilled fish and raw seafood.
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C
Vine: Malvasia 100%
Soil: Calcareous/Clayey
Climate: Mediterranean
Growing: “Tendone” with emergency irrigation
Denomination: IGP Puglia
Production Area: Barletta, Alta Murgia
Region: Puglia

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  • Malvasia 100%
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Dati Tecnici

  • Gradazione: 13,00 %
  • Acidità: 5,50 %
  • Zuccheri Residui: 3 gr/lt