Brio vino spumante dolce

Brio vino spumante dolce

Soft pressing by extracting only the first must, fermentation in thermo conditioned stainless steel tanks. The fermentation of the must-wine, with sparkling base, is made in autoclave by Charmat method until the desired product is obtained after a period of about 60-80 days.
Organoleptic description
Bright golden color, floral note with an intoxicant scent of dried fruit and delicate herbaceous flavors.
On the palate it is perfectly balanced and has a perfect taste substance. It is fresh, sweet with a persistent and in nite aroma.
Seasonal matching:
A typical dessert wine, it perfectly matches with cream cakes, dried fruit and fresh fruit salads.
Serving temperature: 6 °C
Vine: Pure muscat
Soil: Calcareous/Clayey
Climate: Mediterranean
Region: Apulia
Sparkle method: Charmat


  • Moscato in purezza
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Dati Tecnici

  • Gradazione: 6,50 %
  • Acidità: 6,20 %
  • Zuccheri Residui: 70 gr/lt