The Winery

The Winery

The “Cantina Sociale di Barletta” was born in 1949 thanks to a group of wine growers from the countryside near Barletta with its vineyards resting astride of the Ofanto valley.
Nowadays the “Cantina Sociale di Barletta” inherits the tradition of the old “trappeti”(old oil pressing) that had been in the old town since fifties.
French importers’ work and interest were remarkable, they were particolarly attracted by the“Nero di Troia”vine, from wich it’s possible to obtain the“Rosso Barletta” DOC. This is an old, full-bodied wine, constant companion of many fellow countrymen during the great migrations towards America, Australia and France between XIX and XX century. In that period the boarding registers recorded hundreds of thousands hectolitres boarding loaded in the port of Barletta and addressed to those regions; on the other hand, only the “Rosso Barletta”successfully let itself to pass the difficult test of the slow navigation of that time at equatorial latitudes.

Soci della Qualità


The Winery

The Winery currently has 500 wine grower members who follow the directives of the technical staff of which the wine cellar avails itself.


The Traditions

The respect for old traditions in both the cultivation of the wine species and in the winemaking processes is the main important feature of this company that has been able to combine tradition and innovation.



Advanced winemaking, bottling and storage systems lead to a high quality production constantly monitored.