The “Cantina Sociale di Barletta” was born in 1949 thanks to a group of wine growers from the countryside near Barletta with its vineyards resting astride of the Ofanto valley…

Nowadays the “Cantina Sociale di Barletta” inherits the tradition of the old “trappeti”(old oil pressing) that had been in the old town since fifties..


The quality wine results in the first place from the vinegrower’s smart action and then from that one of oenologist.

The Passionero project starts with the harvest that is very decisive in order to define product’s organoleptic properties. In the “Uva di Troia”, a slight overmaturation leads to sugar concentration – today less important than it was in the past – but..


The production of our grapes takes place in the wonderful region of Alta Murgia. Its altitude ranges from sea level to 250 meters a.s.l.

The soil is calcareous/clayey of medium consistency or tending to become melted, with a sufficient and variable depth and a good fertility..

Via degli Artigiani, 13, 76121 Barletta BT